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I don't know if Abigail is fictional or a real person, but this is a wonderful tribute to selfless service and love. Thanks.
This poem just flowed. Your rhythm and rhyme were near perfect. It did not distract at all from your message. Terrific job.
Aw yes, this is a poem that stands on its own; perfection is not the issue, but the sorry in the verses sold it all. Thank you.
Wonderful, Jan! You're as gifted at poetry as you are at prose.
Excellent meter and rhyme. I like the way this started, and I love how it ended. Good work.
Excellent poem! So glad I read it! Its rhythm soothed me but I came away with appreciation for this special saint.
I don't know what else to say outside of what has been said already. Keep up the great work.
I really liked this. Great meter and flow, as other have said. I loved the message also. Great work. :)
Simply outstanding!
I think you really caught the heart of the theme with this poem. One of Dav's Fav's this week. (Hey? Didnt you didn't get a DAVEY last week?) I think maybe we are going to have to tier the DAVEYs if you keep winning!
This was beautiful! Excellent job, I actually read it all the way through (I tend to skip long poetry)it was very touching.
Perfect ...
Your rhyme and meter are impeccable, as is your message. Great job!
I agree! This is excellent!