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Well, there are some structure issues, but otherwise this is delightful, top to bottom. Thanks for your creative input.
Imagine, Captain Kirk cowed! This was hilarious. Thanks.
That was hilerious. Very creative!
Very funny! And, don't you know, Billy was just like that - whether he was talking to presidents, diplomats or a local shop owner. I love the way it was the "aliens" that had the truth and the "earthlings" who felt under attack by it. Isn't it so true? We are the aliens and earth is in our tractor beam. :)

This is really creative. I liked it. My favorite line:
"Suh?" exclaims Billy. "A assure you that my accordion players are all first chair!"
I giggled out loud when I read it.
What a HOOT! I'm chuckling outloud, my husband comes to the door to see what's going on. He reads it and is nearly in tears! Of course, he's a "trekie" from way back when! LOL Your imagination continues to amaze me -- you're so creative! My favorite line: Now friends, if you came with a loved one, theyll wait. Lets get every eye bowed and every head closed. I've heard pastors get mixed up like this and you captured the humanness of this alien! Great story! Absolutely hillarious!
You're out to get me in trouble aren't you, Dave? I'm reading this as I'm sitting with a class as they are watching a video, trying not to laugh.
Brilliant! There are some techical glitches--but over all...ROTFLOL!
Entertaining, Creative.
Four and a half Penguins for Bro. Dave!!!!
Very creative. I don't know what kind of comments you are looking for, but I did see a few things... "shoulder's up..." should be "shoulders up..." since its not a contraction its just plural, for instance.

It is a cute story. Lot's of laughs. Good job.

No penguin award needed. Just being nice. :)
I've never been a Trekkie, so I wasn't sure I would figure out your story, but I followed the clues. And, I think the space ship actually found North Carolina (thinking it was a foreign planet) and that was THE Billy (Graham), always ready to give a reason for the hope that is in him! Did I get it right? Thanks for a fun story!
This gets a "Wavey Davey" from this giggle-bound reader.
Whoa! I totally loved this! You had me laughing all the way to the end-I especially liked the part with 'Scotty' beaming up Billy. This was an extremely creative take on the topic and a very well written one! Kudos!
This was hilarious. I especially enjoyed the parts about the accordions.