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An interesting story well told. But I was looking for the spiritual lesson that came out of this and found none. Am I missing something?
I liked this "slice of life" story. It gives the reader a realistic glimpse into another world, and the everday struggles faced by missionaries. Well written.
I don't think the author of this story meant there to be a spiritual lesson in here. I think the author meant this to be a more slice of life view of the missionary. I liked it.
Thank you for this insight into other cultures. I am appalled that some think it it neccessary to beat a woman to show "love." This is well written.
While the slice of life concept was good, I too was looking for something more. I don't think every challenge article has to necessarily have a lesson. However, I saw this man's comment as a great opening to share the love of Christ--and I was kind of expecting that to happen.
Come on - I need to know how you answered the wife-beater guy! I did enjoy the story though, despite being a little too close to the situation myself right now (our temporary visa expires on Saturday, and our 2-year visa has not yet been granted. We might be heading to Kenya for a couple of weeks!) :-)
And, all the while I read, I kept thinking: she's just found out she's pregnant; two little ones hopefully not in need of diapers; where's the bathroom???

Maybe, you had a tiny port-a-potty in the truck? [ie: "Thankfully, we came prepared. We had a portable...."] Just an important little detail I needed to know, for comfort's sake! Life in another country can certainly take us outside our comfort zone! I liked your descriptions of your little cherubs, especially.
Wow! Interesting story, and told very well. Glad you made it out safely. I wouldn't want to go back there either.
Very vivid writing. A similar thing happened to us once in Zimbabwe and I had to leave my family on the roadside while I walked into the nearest town. On that occasion I had no end of harassment but, thank God, my wife and kids were left in peace. I think your article expresses powerfully how much we rely on God’s invisible but ever-present protection.