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Oh dear. I'm the missionary going to talk to a Sunday School class this coming weekend. I'll try not to make them yawn!! ;) I loved the description of the meal - especially the veggies. Sounds like my son.
This was an "ouch" experience for me. This particular statement reached out and grabbed me: "Let him come to my neck of the woods, then I might care what he had to say. Maybe." I am so glad that this boy discovered his own up-close-and-personal missionary, but you also touched on a very valid point: There are lots of people out there who are saying: "come to MY neighbourhood, enter my life, and then I'll believe what you have to say." Great job.
Thank you for giving us such a real life perspective from one of the children in our inner-city church Sunday schools! I've been one of those teachers riding the bus, heart smitten by one of these defensive little souls. The harvest is right "there," wherever we find ourselves, both near and far, always in need of the laborers.