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His name written on his slippers - that phrase alone says volumes! I like it that you didn't reveal till the end that he was your father. Very touching.
Wonderful! My own father had Alzheimer's, so this is personally meaningful to me. You did a great job with this.
A great tribute to your dad. He'd be proud of you.
What I like- Very wonderful, touching story. The emotions were vivid and the details were intriguing. Always a sad ending for loved ones. He sounds like he was a wonderful man and you were blessed!:)
What I might change - a few punctuation changes here and there - very minor...otherwise, it was just perfect. I loved the ending as well. Nice job.
Very nicely told. Touching memory for you to share with us--thank you.
A friend of mine retired from her job to take care of her mother who was suffering from Alzheimers. I know from her stories that you have only scratched the surface of the tragedy of that circumstance. Very touching tribute to a man who probably would have scoffed at the notion that he deserved one...the true servants always do feel undeserving of attention. I loved your style of writing and your ability to create in me the emotion you must have felt while writing. That takes true talent.
Well, dear friend, you moved me to tears. The LAST - anything, visit, hug, kiss, has such a tragic ring to it. And, we just never know, do we, while it is happening, that this time it really IS the "last time." Thank you for bringing us into your family with this lovely, touching tribute to your wonderful Dad!
Memories can be so beautiful -things to hold onto when our loved ones are gone. My father delivered me also but he wasn't a doctor. It was back in the great depression and I came very quickly, before the doctor arrived. The things I remember most about my Dad are his loyalty to family and his disinterest in material things. He used to say, "My wife and children are my treasures. They're the proof of God's love for me."
Very, very, very good writing Marilyn. I really enjoyed reading this. I know this story would sell, so i hope you find a home for it. This piece needs to be shared. Excellent job. God bless.