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Your story went straight to my heart - a touching testimony about the power 0f an adult over the mind of a child. Let's all be "missionaries" to our children and grandchildren. Well told.
Such a beautiful story, and well told too; one never knows from where or from whom comes the blessed Good News of a Savior. God Bless. I liked your story very much.
How sweet. I love it that her dream was being fulfilled in a future generation. You just never know, do you!
I enjoyed your story, it reminded me of people who made an impression on me when I was a child. We never know how we can touch someone with a small gesture do we?
Cool--I almost took a similar approach--great minds run on the same track, huh? I'd like to see this done with less of a narrative apporach and with more of the actual dialog between the woman and the boy--perhaps allowing readers to get to know them better? Something to consider...

This is very tender and sweetly done.
Very lovely story!

My favorite line: He moved slowly toward the open casket, wanting to see her again, and at the same time, dreading it.

I've felt this way many times and you said it best!
What a sweet story! It brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. How nice to know that this humble lady was a missionary in her own way...cinnamon cookies and all. Thanks for sharing this.

PS Can I have the recipe for the cookies?
This is PRECIOUS! I loved the style you used in writing this. You mixed the simplicity of the child and the maturity of the adult very well.

You did a fantastic job on this! And yes - we ALL want the recipe!
What a sweet story! I could almost see and hear (and taste) the whole interaction between Mrs. Wheaton and Jeffrey.

My favorite line, among many: "He weighed his options, and the cookie won out."

I wonder how many missed opportunities and Mrs. Wheatons are out there. If only she would have realized that her own neighborhood block was a mission field ripe for harvest!
This was an easy read. The flow was excellent. Sweet story.
Thank you for sharing this... there are similar people in my past who left indelible imprints on me, shaped me, who were no less "missionaries," even though they didn't leave the neighbourhood. Well written, warm and clear...
Wonderful touching story - I sure all of us have someone like Mrs. Wheaton. Thank you for sharing this.
What a great story! Jeffery was a very 'likeable' character.
This was a real treat, I like reading a character that seems real and authentic. Super characterization. Enjoyed your story and message to. Great job. God bless.