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Oppression is always depressing. Very well written. Very "real" feeling.
When lights come on in children the "They can tell the story", what a missionary movement that will be. Awesome.
Very atmospheric; with an economy of words you created a tenement basement where I felt I should read in whispers. Creative!
I really enjoyed reading Obadiah's Message. I loved the way you used the reader's natural assumptions about time and place to create another reality. Great writing!
I enjoyed this. Although the setting was apocalyptic, it reminded me in part of three years we spent in Zimbabwe. There the media is strictly controlled, group meetings may be severely restricted, and private property could be seized or destroyed by the government. The challenge for the church there is to continue to speak out as so powerfully portrayed in your story.
Sadly enough, these are the stories that I can see for our future--espicially in America. Beautiful job, Dub.
We definitely live too comfortable and complacent lives here in this country. Would any of us still carry on evangelism if it was outlawed? You made this point beautifully, Dub. Thank you for yielding to the Lord and delivering His warning to us.
Very touching and the scene was vividly portrayed. It definitely gave me pause. Thanks for sharing this!
Your style is always so refreshing. I just love it. Nothing wrong with this one as far as I'm concerned. Your entrys are always so easy to follow.
This was very good, but sort of sad near the end when Obadiah was arrested. Great job otherwise! :)
I couldn't stop reading this. Sadly, it could be look into the future.
Well done.
A nice subtle, gentle, honest essay that doesn't beat us over the head or shout at us to make a point. Good job. God bless.