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I laughed at your title. ;) I'm not sure I agree with the idea that we 'get off' because of who we are in Christ. The price still had to be paid - only HE paid the ticket for us. Aside from that, I liked the light tone of your writing. The dialogue flowed nicely.
Loved the smooth style, the wit and the easy flow; but didn't agree with the viewpoint. We hate people who get by with stuff because of WHO they know. That's not how I like to think of it. But aside from that - Neat Job from title to final word!
A very good message wrapped up in this, showing a good view of the modern "So Called" Christian. If they are found in doing wrong, most often they will point out others doing the same, then try relying on past works done and when all else fails, expect God and others to forgive them anyway without cost.. An odd way of wrapping it up but a good message.

It read well, and was easy to follow. Good job.
This was fun and clever, and definitely made me think about the "priveleges" of being in Christ in a whole new way! Your humor was wonderful (and I was GLAD to hear the story wasn't true - I can't imagine a cop would take very kindly to some of those comments!), and I'm SO glad you just used the verse, and didn't "explain" the connection - it was definitely quiet clear! I'm also not positive I agree with the premise, but it did NOT detract from how much I enjoyed this!
I love you sense of humour, Susan, and also the setting for this story. Ditto re the comments about 'Are we really let off or is it that the penalty is paid?'. But apart from that, I really enjoyed this. Excellent writing!
Well written article, and very fun! I see both points of view on the little debate going on--on one hand it's true that we still have to face the consequenses of our actions while we are here on earth, and that the penalty is paid rather than waved. But on the other hand, I totally get your point that we are completely free.
I loved the humour in this! The verse you quoted really put things into context. Well written. Believable characterisation. Realistic dialogue. yeggy