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We take our religious freedoms so much for granted! I liked all the Hebrew names and customs. You know what you're talking about, yet it's not over our heads. Good work.
Sorry, but I really donít think it worked. There was too much technical language for such a short piece and the connection with the police was left hanging in the air. Would probably work better under a different topic
I for one loved this piece. I politely disagree with the technical comment above. I connected with the spirit of the piece. Bless you for sharing this slice of history with us all. For all I know it still goes on. May we never take our religious freedoms for granted.
Thank you for reminding us about what a privilege it is to have our religious freedom. Creative take on the topic. Good job.
I love Jewish history and am familiar with what you discuss in this piece. Might I suggest that you contact Jews for Jesus and David Brickner with this piece? While you may not get paid, it would be a ministering article that would reach thousands of Jews and Gentiles. I think that your work is timely because we in America take religious freedoms for granted but, as a Charlie Daniels song proclaims, the day is rapidly coming when we will be just like the characters in your story. I perfectly understood the police connection and that although this time it was a friend, the next time it may not be. Well done.
I like the subtle way you infer the presence of police. The end had me smiling. Technical language? The small amount you used flavored the piece. You gave enough clues so that the reader could interpret without being slowed down..

What a great glimpse of what others have been and are dealing with to keep their faith alive and to pass it on. How quickly young minds pick up and hold important information. What a gift is the written word...and how blest we are to be a part of a writing heritage. My brain is holding on to all your word pictures. See what you started? See what an influence the written word can be? God has blessed you with a gift. Thank you for sharing!
I really enjoyed this story. Well done! I was hoping to be reminded of what the symbols on the dreidel mean, but I loved how the boys remembered what the teacher had said and were playing with them when he came back.
What a wonderful entry! I loved your title. A lesson learned indeed. Thanks for giving us all something to think about.
Ooh! Just when you had me thoroughly engrossed, the story came to an end. I hope you have more chapters in the works.
Very interesting story, but raises so many questions for this reader. What country did this meeting take place? And about the Writer; who is now obviously a Christian, (at FW)how did they become a Christian? But the story was very good, (even with unknown foreign words) but loved the ending! Yes, the topic "police" was lurking ever so near throughout.
Oh, this is excellent! Love being educated in such an entertaining way, and the ending was absolutely perfect.
This was a well written reminder of the wonderful freedom that we have to worship God. I enjoyed the characters and the story. Thanks so much for sharing this!
I thought this was great. I do have some questions- would like to know the exact setting you had in mind - but I enjoyed the atmosphere you conjured and it was very powerful.
Joanne, You should definitely write more pieces like this. Your history/knowledge of this subject could really be used in a lot of ways through your writing. Excellent story. Great writing, as always.
Intense and such an introspective story - I loved it, very well written.
This was great. It is amazing how we take so much for granted-while others lives are risked to read God's word. I wished it could have been expanded a bit though-but good job!
I really enjoyed this story. It's written very well, smooth and engrossing. Good job!
I love being taken to other places and cultures, and this piece totally did that for me. Thank you. I thought it was great.
This is very good and informative. I hope you made a complete story from this and told more about its setting. Would really like to know more.