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I like this story a lot. It would be great to expand it -- of course, here there is a maximum word count -- and include details about the missionary work done in the hospital.
Interesting use of the powder compact. I was a little bit confused when they were put into separate rooms at the hospital. I would never have the courage to do that kind of thing. Good story
Good story, but had I not been on the web site, I would never have guessed where God was involved in the protection of Isuel. Keep writing. You have talent.
MORE, please! I'd like to know why she was taking pictures (camera in the compact is somewhat 007-ish!). But your mention of the silver cross spoke volumes about her faith - to take such a risk and carry it with her under these circumstances required a deep belief. Good work.
I grinned when I got to the last line--really hadn't seen it coming at all. Good for you!

One small thing: Hong Kong.

My heart goes out to North Korea, surely the one nation on earth most closed to God.
Very good piece. I like the creative idea of a camera in the compact. I have a good visual of the guy powdering his nose caught on film.
Loved the piece with 'powder', great link in the story. I wish it could have been expanded slightly, with a 'happier' ending. (I love happy endings) I wish all the children could have gotten help. Good story!
You really know how to build suspense in a story. I was like Chrissy, glued to every single word. The ending was excellent. Who else but Heavenly Father, could have kept her safe, esp since she was spying on North Korea. Or in the very least, looking for a great story. Wow!
Very clever, Dub! Creative, compelling story. It's funny what jumps out at you while reading - it was hard for me to imagine a man giggling (as written at the end). Chuckling, grinning's probably just me. I'm weird. :-) Great work - loved the story.
Congrats on your win! I loved this story and especially the ending! Wonderful work:)
Ccongratulaions Dub! And what a great story!

Awesome characters and dialogue, great build up - everything!

And as always - we want MORE of the story! ;)
The story is authentic and has verisimilitude. Good job.
Hey dub, I enjoyed this one - looks like it might be part of a book. You had me hooked into the story so well that I didn't make the connection with the compact as camera until the end. A good red-herring as I was associating powder with drugs. BTW Congratulations. Yeggy
Wow, Dub! Congrats on a VERY well-deserved win!! Such great detail. Loved it!
Great story. You hooked me in and kept me in suspense. Like the others said, this just seemed like a little taste, making me want to hear more.
Dub, this story comes to my mind now and then. It's really very well done. The creativity is GREAT. Big thumbs up.
What a great way to use the topic. I loved the end, your characters, dialogue and backdrop were so rich I never saw the end coming!
Dub, This is really good, very emotional; no wonder it was a winner. I loved the ending.