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GREAT story! Laughter, and yes, some I read this very entertaining entry. Evoking emotion in a reader is the sign of an excellent writer - and you did it! Right on target, topic-wise...and a fascinating read! Good Job! (Reminded me of Art Linkletter...remember him?)
This is great! Really entertaining and with a sweet message. Thanks for sharing!
Awwww...I love this! Really great story with a sweet message. You made me smile today.
This was a really fun read. Not only did it have a message, but it took me back to when I was a child and watched Art Linkletter on TV. Thanks!
*grins* very cute. Great way of approaching the topic.
That was cute. I was worried about what he would say next - just like you'd be on the real show. I was 'there' and could see it happening. Good work!
Underwear humor--I always love it. This is very sweet and funny, and the child's voice is true.

On a different note, when I was spending lots of time in a hospital after my daughter's injury, writing helped a lot, and I was surprised to even find myself able to write humor then, even though I was so, so sad. It's a means of God's grace, I'm sure of it.
I loved this - I couldn't wait to hear the reason for the fire on the underwear. This was my favorite line "... the little flames I put on my husbands underwear are a reminder to him that my love for him will never grow cold.
LOVED this, Jan! Writing is therapeutic (wish I'd realized that a couple years ago!) - and it appears this ministered to both you AND me! The boy's character was delightful!
excellent job!!!
I really, really liked this. Just what I needed to read today. Praise God and may He continue to bless your writing.
An entertaining and fun story that was very nicely written. Great job!
So cute and fun to read! You did a good job!
Very cute and sweet. What a nicely told story! Thanks for sharing it.
Very cute. Kids will always tell the things they shouldn't :)
Gosh! That is hilarious! Written very well, too, congratulations on your win! Great job!
I didn't get a chance to read this until now. Wow! This was amazing writing. Congrats on placing!