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A Winner in my books! Tears stream down my cheeks as I type...such a delightful, moving and touching story! I loved it! Excellent write, intriguing and entertaining read...and Thanks For Making My Day! Kudos!
Great phrase: ...he carried the weight of the child with him...

Just one of the many things I loved about this. I've always done that sort of thing--speculated about people based just on observations, so this really resonated with me. And the little details were very appealing: the housedress, the coffee mug, the doggy door. Nice job!
What a wonderful, compelling story! The details and description were fantastic - I was definitely completely engrossed in the tale of these wonderful characters! Great job!
for some reason this ment a lot to me. Maybe cause my name is Ruth or maybe its cause sometimes I feel like there is no one watching out for me. But thank you for writing this.
I really enjoyed reading this. He obviously cared deeply about people and showed it. That makes him a hero in my books. Very good story.
Good story, but I kept asking why he just stop and say hello, at least once over all them 25 years. Or at least he could have felt a little bad about it. I know this story because I have stepped over people who have later come back to ask me why I didn't stop and talk to them. Good piece of writing.
A lovely and touching story. Simple but it was also so profound. I really enjoyed this!
Very good writing! I too wondered why he'd never stopped to visit in all the years, but that's the society we live in, isn't it? And besides, it wouldn't have made your story so interesting if he had! :o) Great job! I agree with Jan, all the 'little' things made it a very good read and so interesting.
I guess the reader's interpretation of why he just didn't go up and talk to them from time to time will be based on our own character. I would be one of those who would have had to meet them.

Good work on a lovely story! And one I enjoyed.
A really nice slice of life. Great details about the couple -I felt like I knew them, too.
So well written, and insightful. This deserves some recognition.
What a beautiful story! You kept me engaged through the entire piece. Great job!
Great human interest story. I got a bit lost in the second paragraph. When you begin to talk about the fire and the lifeless baby, I found myself wanting the story to evolve from that point. Instead, that information became trivial to the main story. Perhaps if might begin your story by sharing what your day had been like and then move into the part about passing the house. Just a thought.
Still, a good read!
Congratulations on a well deserved win. This is a beautiful story told in a masterful way.

Thank you for the blessing.
I too found tears in my eyes as I read this. I can't quite work out why - but I really enjoyed this story. The story is simple, yet feels profound. Being unable to analyse this story and how it moves me probably explains why I can't reproduce similar poigency in my own work. Great job. And congratulations!