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You almost lost me before the Main Course...I was ready to hang it up before I got to the Story. Storyline was great...I would have suggested just doing the story without all the screenwriting, etc. but what do I know? Liked the story! Good take on Topic, and creative.
Very creative! Cute story.
I really enjoyed invisioning this set! What a great job! And what a great message. I never have thought of a firemans suit as armor! Cool! Welllll done!
I liked this idea. The boy talking to his mom with the firefighter in the background. I wonder if it could be developed even more - maybe with a bit more emotion? I loved the water gun at the end. If I were the Mom I would react quite strongly to that one! ;)
Absolutely precious, and one of the best analogies I've read here. I loved it.
Definitely creative - and a great analogy, especially out of the mouth of a child!! I like how you approached this.
Nice story, and it was uniquely done. I enjoyed reading this.
I loved the way you drew the parallel between our "fire" suit and the fireman's. What a great way to teach and instill the importance of getting suited up and being prepared.

Your writing has also spurred me on to thanksgiving as I realize how God has such a plan of protection in place for me.

I can totally see this skit being used in a church pre-sermon setting.

May God continue to bless your pen!


This was absolutely wonderful! I truly enjoyed reading this. It would be quite fun to see it acted out! Keep up the good work!
As someone else mentioned, you almost lost me with the 'setting up', but once I got to the 'story', I LOVED it! Great way to look at the Armour!
Very creative. I really enjoyed this. I liked how the firefighter's actions coincided with the boy's narration. I would enjoy seeing this performed.
What a sweet change. I loved it. Well done