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Creative, funny, insightful! Good reading and good writng! A very good job! Special kudos for your title! Thanks for sharing your gift!
Great idea - Pentecost. Wish I'd thought of it. Good writing and with a touch of humor, too. Nice job.
Very creative for those of us who know our Bibles; but I would strongly suggest a Biblical Reference to this incident to give those who are not acquainted with the Bible story...something to read in order to understand this wonderful, insightful and humorous version of the day the Spirit ascended on the desciples with forks of fire on their heads. Otherwise, they would be confused, bewildered and wondering what all the fuss about arson. Just a helpful suggestion for the unbeliever.
As per the above comment, I do read my Bible and yet still felt a bit confused as to the whole plot of the story. More information needed, either by way of Bible reference or some mention of the event in the narrative itself perhaps?
Thanks for the history! I did not know that Pentecost was a Jewish holiday (Shabuoth) before it was a Christian holiday. your cleverly told story challenged me to look it up. I learned something new and enjoyed the story. The ending let me down a bit, but I loved how you intorduced Peter and Saul, who would lock horns with Peter even as a Christian. Great, knowlegeable story! Peg
Extremely clever, creative, and witty. NIce job.
VERY creative and thought-provoking - and I ADORE your point of view and language here. Definitely gave me a new perspective!
Ditto everyone's praises of your story. (I was confused when Pilate said that it was Pentacost, but only out my own ignorance of Jewish Holidays. Then I read Peggy's comment...) A great read.
What a great story! Very engrossing and wonderfully written. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. Great job!
A unique approach to the topic. I really enjoyed reading it and it brought a smile to my face. Well done!
Love it!!! Love the CSI twist.
Nicely done and entertaining too! I echo the bit about the Bible verse but otherwise this was great!
This was great reading, very enjoyable. I think you did a great job-keep it up!
Nothing I can say here that hasn't already been said. Good solid creative work - loved the twist.
Very well done! Loved the atmosphere, the tone, the "show don't tell".

The style was creative and humorous and leaves me wanting to read more of your work.

Blessings on your pen!