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how cute! I love the last line though it seems to leave the pattern that you have set.

*snickers* I ain't no lighter. But it sure is good to know I make a real good Fire-Fighter.

Now, if only my brother could get that into his head...
Light, amusing and touching. I must admit I stumbled once or twice with the meter, but I did enjoy it. Great take on what I found a very difficult topic.
Wonderful job on a topic I didn't enter. On second note: per the author, which of course isn't me,it seems the last line appeared in its correct form when " unknown said author" hit the submit button. Then for some reason known only to the cyber-space discombubilator (is that a word?)everything came out jumbled. So please forgive lol.
The rhyme and meter is off a bit - but very cute and creative story in poetry. Good job.
Interesting topic; I initially thought there was some deeper background to the reason why boys where trying to light fires(?). But the ending had a nice little punchline.
The author of this entry asked me to apologize for their not putting Scouts instead of boys thus not eluding to young pyromaniacs. LOL Oh, and I too thought it was a fun take on the topic.
What an enjoyable and charming piece! So cute! Loved it!
Cute story. I'm glad he found out he was good at something. ;)
Love the last line.

A question: if boy scouts can make fire so easily, why can't the contestants on "Survivor" ever do it?

Well, that has nothing to do with your clever poem, just an observation. I liked this a lot, Sue!
So very sweet, Sue - I really loved this! Just a MINOR MINOR thing - it's means "it is" - the possessive is its. Also ADORED the final stanza.
I enjoyed this sweet little poem. Thanks for sharing it.
Very nice -I like the way it shows everyone has a different gift -in a fun way :)
This was cute-an enjoyable read. The third sentence in the second paragraph/stanza was a little awkward for me though. Otherwise-Great!
I loved it. It drew me in and kept my attention. Great piece!
I would like to add my diddo to the above. Though the meter may have been out a teensy bit I loved it... especially the last stanza.

Creative and fun... well done, Sue.
Cute, fun and light-hearted. I especially liked the last stanza even if it didn't print as the author intended:)
Well done!