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Very unique take on the topic "garden" - but very, very good. I liked it and the writing was very good. Enjoyed the read and creativity.
How incredibly creative! I love it, the disguised lessons, the visuals, and even the faint scent of "fertilizer" as I walked through this experience with Meg and her "garden"! Very well done! :)
A well written story and clever take on the topic. You did a good job of characterization and the dialogue. Nicely done.
So cute! I enjoyed reading this story - fertilizer and all. Great reminder to enjoy our children while we have them. Thanks for that!
I love this! Really well done. I saw a couple of minor grammer troubles, but Very creative.
Wow! You engaged all the senses with a creative and delightful story. The heartwarming message is woven throughout like a lovely ribbon woven through lace.
Oh I liked this - an imaginative take on 'garden' and a gentle reminder to stop and appreciate what really matters. Good stuff! God bless. xx
Very clever and creative entry on topic! I absolutely loved this. Excellent work!
So wonderful and creative - I LOVE this take on the topic. Wonderful characterization and analogy. Really enjoyed this!
Debbie, This is wonderful. Great take on topic and excellent writing. I really enjoyed it.
Very clever take on the subject, and excellent writing. Good job!
Very nice! A wonderful reminder that our gardens are our gift from God. Thanks for sharing it!
Some minor comma issues, but other than that, a delightful read that captured all the senses! Good writing!
I could so relate to this. It's hard on those crazy days to stop and smell the roses over the fertilizer ;) well done :)
What a clever entry! I enjoyed this a great deal!
Delightful entry, very creative take on the topic. Loved the nuances about the loss of Ms Clara's 'garden'. big smile at the end for the deep intake of breath. Phew! :-) yeggy
Very good! I enjoyed this.
Unique interpretation of garden. Ms Clara is truly wise, isn't she? I love the way you made her come to life, and also her advice to the young mom. This was a fun read.
I loved this story! The humor was at just the right touch. At first, I had started a piece for "garden" about my children as the garden God gave me to tend, with the seed continuing on to their children. Your thoughts were so very much more creative than mine that I'm glad I changed direction!