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Brilliant. Using the decaying garden as a living metaphor of the woman's emotional emptiness is vivid. It reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, where the withering rose he gave to Beauty reflects the Beast slowly dying. How true it is that in bereavement our whole world dies around us as our heart shrinks and our soul goes into suspended animation, waiting for hope once more to awaken in us.
For a moment I objected to the abruptness of this reawakening in your story (forgive me referring to it as a 'story' if it is your personal experience) but then recalled that in my experience of counselling bereaved people, the rate of healing varied enormously, and in at least one case was indeed abrupt, like a veil being suddenly lifted.
And I liked the ending, the way she found God working with her in creating her new garden. I was worried for a moment when she declared it would be HER garden. I know the widowed have to start afresh, alone, but I was comforted when it became clear that she recognised that in time she'd be able to remember with fondness the garden (and life) that she had built and tended with her husband. The new garden wasn't going to replace the old completely, but be a new, secure, God-filled place where she could recall and relive the former, husband-filled garden.
Thank you for this article.
This article touched my heart. It is both poignant and hopeful. Sometimes a firm decision after a time of grief can set us on the right path and the garden analogy was perfect. Thank you!
Absolutely beautiful! I loved this piece, the message it brought, and the peace it brought to my soul. A new beginning...really well done!
Masterfully written & so beautiful! My heart goes out to you as I know the pain my mom endures as a widow. Praise God He's brought you through. Excellent entry!
A most excellent entry! Very, very good! I'd be surprised if this doesn't place! God bless! :)
I am so glad that I found this! I have known this kind of pain only through a sister and a close friend, but I know what you describe will strike a chord with many. The ending is very encouraging to those who may still be hurting.
The descriptions are wonderful all through this piece.
What a wonderful story of mourning and recovery - of losing one love and gaining another! This is truly masterful!
Beautiful job, Birdie. I'm glad our story was recognized. God bless.
Well written. Not only do you help us experience the grief, but also you demonstrate how she workes through it and how God comforts us. Thank you for writing this.