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This is gorgeous--I was particularly taken with the bushes that smelled of tomcats. That's the sort of sensory detail that you have throughout this piece--the snap of certain vegetables, the other aromas, tastes, sights--it's a very descriptive piece, without falling into adjective abuse.

Awesome word choices; this piece begs to be read aloud in the backgroud of a slide show showing all these beautiful garden treasures.
Wow! You have a gift for the tastes, smells and sounds of life and a gardening lesson to boot! This is a treasure.
Great work! Your descriptions are so well crafted ... very good indeed! :)
Your descriptive inclusions of so many fruits and vegetables are amazing. You must garden yourself to have this feel for things of the earth. I got hungry reading it!
What a fantastic place you have described so beautifully. I don't know if I've ever seen an artichoke plant before, but now I feel as if I have. "...a boxer's training ball on a flexible stalk..." This piece is an outstanding lesson in descriptive writing and the use of sensory language. I liked the idea of writing about the groundwork that God does in our lives. That would be interesting material to expand on. Thank you for taking us along on a tour of your garden paradise.
This is like a 3-D painting ... deeper and richer than a painting even. I loved the aside about the skull being revealed as a conche eventually - LOL. You also brought home a good lesson for the reader. Well done.
A coach house and high-walled garden! I cannot imagine such a real estate find. Sounds like my dream home. What a life that must have been, your abundant grocery store right outside the door. You describe it so well that you make me hungry. And I love the application you make to your spiritual life groundwork. Thank you for this enjoyable read!