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LOL - I'm sitting here chuckling all by myself! I loved the names of your flowers and links to their personalities and wise cracks. Hilerious! Thanks for the laugh!
What a delightful and enjoyable read! When the picnic began, I yawned, thinking to myself "ho hum"...but then the fun began - in the garden!! Great job, fun read and creatively entertaining!
Very clever and sweet story. Nice work!
Very creative! I loved this!
Well, what can I say, I've read this twice now and I am still chuckling. Not overdone, not silly, just right. A refreshing and wonderful read. Excellent!
How absolutely delightful! Such creativity! Such wit! Wow! Wow! Wow! Good work! :)
I absolutely adored this story! It was creative, fun, entertaining, humorous, and delivered a message. WOW! Who could ask for more? Simply delightful. Loved it!
Just want to echo all the other remarks - loved it, so clever, so much fun!
Oh, I loved the talking of the flowers. So amusing, and very well done! I really enjoyed this!
Delightful! Just enough puns and humour!
Very clever!
A fun filled story that continued to hold my attention. Loved the repartee between the plants and the characters you gave them according to their names. Very creative. yeggy
Hehehe, cute story! I almost did a talking plants one... Great job!
Brilliant Joanne! I keep picturing the potatoes rolling their eyes. Great read - I can see how you moved up so fast!
Very, very cute! I especially love the advice the iris gave. You had me chuckling out loud.
I really enjoyed how you switched between the girls, the garden and then back to the girls. You had some funny lines with the garden characters, but I have one thing to be nit picky about. You said the corn covered its ears with its hands, but corn doesn't have hands. Maybe just 'covered his ears' would be more in character? Either way, great story and good writing. :) Oh, and I loved the iris too. :)
This story is absolutely charming! I see the word "delight" has been used to described this piece because it so perfectly does. So many cute lines throughout. "...try getting shucked!" "...uphill, both ways, in scorching heat!" Although I loved the picture of dimples and pigtails perhaps saying something like "dimpled with pigtails" instead of "full of". You really did a great job. I look forward to more of your humorous writing.
I enjoyed your writing and my review encompasses all of the above.
Bravo! Adorable story alive with fantasy veggie characters. Loved this line, "How do you think Susan got her black eye?" Funny. I've had black-eyed Susans in my garden before and I didn't even kill them. Wonderful!
Oh...and congrats on a well-deserved win! Blessings, Jo
Just beautiful - I loved it! CONGRATULATIONS on making the editors' choice with it - it is well and truly worthy of being 'in the book'!
Way to go Joane!!!
Great stuff. 2nd place and an EC. I am very happy for you. God bless.
I just had to read this story when I saw the title. Awesome story! Awesome title. You are a very talented writer.


This was absolutely wonderful. I can see why you had so many critiques and why you won level. Congratulations.
A beautiful story Joanne. I enjoyed the biblical reference and your vegetative POV!! Great job and well deserving of a win. Congratulations.
:) What a delightful story with delightful messages - and what fun to read! I loved the humor!
What a fun, delightful read. Your creativity is amazing!
This was certainly a different approach. It went well with the scripture given. No wonder it was a winner.