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This story rings loud with a message of hope. Even in the midst of sadness His light shines bright! Masterful writing!
Absolutely materful. So well woven and the intensity of decisions Charles had to make resounded loud and clear. The humand delimma of it touched my heart. And it took place in a garden.(go figure that)Excellent dialog and depth.
I appreciated the fact that this piece showed the human side of the "suspect". No one is beyond suspicion, but no one is beyond God's redemption either. Well written!
A very compelling story, I wonder if it is true; although short on topic, it is long on suspense, intrigue and sadness. Nice job.
It was truly refreshing to read something like this. God bless. xx
Very thought-provoking story, well-written as well! I kept wondering, however, how it fit into the topic. You managed to get the garden included, but it almost seemed out of place with the rest of the story. Aside from that, however, it was a very good story! :)
Excellent story telling. Very smart and entertaining. God bless.
Very interesting article. Left a lot of questions in my mind (like what was Abdul "using" the MC for?) but good story!
So compelling and intriguing. Definitely makes you think! A great read!
Sue, Your story is so far down on the list. I'm stunned. What's up? ha ha

This is truly wonderful. I really, really love it. I hope you place well. You deserve it with this masterpiece!
Great article. Quite a compelling read.
Very well done. It really made me think. Everything isn't always as it appears, and only God fully knows our hearts.
Very thought-provoking, and good job of not taking the "easy" way out, but letting your readers ponder. Excellent.
Very well done, good tension, and not a pat happy endingm but one that makes the reader think "What if?"
Very thought provoking. Good job.
Excellent, thought provoking look at a ticklish issue.