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I really enjoyed this adventure. You managed to sprinkle a little humor throughout as well (mid-stream?!) I have always wanted to travel to Africa, and your story only increased that desire!
This is a long story of a long arduous journey; however, I chuckled at the "mid-stream" interuption. Very well written, and I loved the last line! Which, of course, explains the neat title! Thanks for the long, but interesting ride.
Wonderful voice, wonderful true-life adventure story, great wit, and a truely pun-derful title.
Love your voice throughout this - and especially loved the ending! Perfect title and such an engaging story. Wonderful!!!
A very nice story. I really enjoyed reading this. I could definitley see it unfolding with your well-chosen words. Thank you for sharing it.
Your title intriqued me and the story didn't disappoint. Very well done!
Mid, this is absolutely wonderful and so full of adventure. So glad it was your adventure and I get to participate in it via this story. You kept me all the way. Mid-stream? hehe. Blessings on a excellent piece.:)
I hope you're going to write a book one day. Actually, not one day - start working on it one tale at a time now, okay?

I didn't come to this through the hints page - the title caught my attention - but I have a pretty good idea of who wrote it.

I loved the way you introduced the disaster to the ferry of the previous day.
I knew this was yours by the title (before I read it, before a hint, before the brick) and it didn't disappoint. Well written... colourful... a glimpse into another world...
I'm so glad you have what it takes to make it in such a treacherous environment (I'm assuming this story is based on your personal experience). I'm exhausted just reading about it! But, I love the exotic locale type story. This keeps me reading in spite of stressing over how you all will make it to the end of the story! Thanks for your good work, there and here!