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I like getting this inside picture of the country--complete with a great prayer reminder. Well done.
Yes, thanks for the informative and inspiring story. Your wording was excellent in so many of your descriptions.
Very descriptive. Having seen market places in Africa, I could imagine what this place looked and smelled like. Very vivid. The ending was uncomfortable, but I guess that's what you wanted.
This piece drew me with all of my senses. I saw, smelled, even tasted the atmosphere that you created. Your ending left me wanting to join in the prayer walk for India; to engage in spiritual warfare on behalf of this country. But then, that is what you wanted, isnt it? Great job!
As I walk with these two upon those steps once more, tears flow in memory of works left undone. My prayers go out always to those still in the fields. Thank you for the memory.
This is an awesome piece. You gave me a very clear mental image of the marketplace.
The ending was very real, if not what we as Christians would have hoped for. Thank you writing this.
Your description here, of the marketplace especially, was extremely detailed and vivid! I have never been to India physically, but now I have emotionally! The ending definitely got me thinking.
Very well-crafted word pictures, and a clear call to intercession for the souls in torment. This is very well done. Thanks for sharing it!
You drew me into the chaotic landscape and the sadness, all the while intriguing me with your descriptive words. I felt the heaviness too, very nicely done.
I'll bet this places! And I'd almost guess 1st. We'll just have to wait and see! Masterful!