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What a story! Very believable characters with - honestly - a soul-tearing message.

Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

This was fun to read and you made a great point. I could picture Gorge and George as they talked. It was like totally awesome dude!. Fur sure. :)
Wow, what a message about "not knowing a book by it's cover", Right? Very unique, very creative, and an interesting totally awesome, eh? Nice job.
Oops, sorry Debbie, didn't mean to "ditto" you - but didn't read the comments before I spoke, er, ah. wrote. So, " way out there, dude!" (smile)
HA! That was so totally awesome! I loved it! I read it out loud to my hubby and brother and we all roared. Excellent!
Like, I know what you're saying, and I hope you like, totally know what I'm saying? This was like, soooo cool. I was like totally engrossed on how you like, crash into boulders and take pictures at the same time, you know? That like tripped me totally--that would be like sooo fun! lol!
Sorry, I couldn't help myself! Great little message here!
A wet gnarly DAVEY for this one, bro.
Congrats!! This is totally cool! What a GREAT message, and such fun to read!! Second place - super job!!!
Brad, Loved this story. So cute and creative. Congrats!
Congratulations on your "First Place" win! This was sooo well done! God bless you as you continue to grow in your gifts and talents! Very, very well written ... excellent!
Yo...too hilarious! If I start adding "like" in all my sentences, I'm holding you like totally responsible, man. :)Thanks for the fun read. Blessings. Jo
Excellent job, Brad. Congrats on your first place.
God bless.
So fun - this can easily be used in a Sunday morning skit. Totally love that last line, dude!