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Looking at it from the river's point of view was a great twist to the topic. Good job.
I liked your story. You made me feel what you were feeling about the river. I surmise that you are a survivor, no matter what the situation. One of your stories I read had to do with your brother's wealth, and how that doesn't bother you. I can relate to that. My siblings all have more money than I do, but not nearly as much peace of mind. Have a great Sunday.
One of my favorites of yours--if was so very, very realistic and full of atmosphere that I felt sloshy just reading it.
I loved your description here - I could definitely put myself right there with you. Great detail! You need to watch your possessives - especially it's vs. its - the first is a contraction of it is and the second is belonging to it. A very enjoyable read!! Loved your last paragraph especially.
Interesting take on the river topic. Could relate to the flooding since our family went through similar floods--only losing our farm crops and produce (not our home). You're so right about man altering the river--that's what has caused more flooding along the Missouri River, at least. Good job!
You had some great descriptions - this is one of my favourites: "I watched as the tentacles of water lengthened into streams of rushing water within a minutes time, covering my lawn and brazenly attacking my "Welcome Mat" with swirls of gushing water."

Ditto re the possessives e.g. 'Devil's Staircase' ... the staircase belonging to the devil. The only exception is its - think 'his, hers, its' - that's how I remember not to stick the possessive apostrophe in there.

Here endeth the grammar lesson. Back to the content - excellent - thought provoking (why DO we insist on making nature suit us instead of working around what would be naturally there?) and well written.
The water does have a mind of it's own, doesn't it? After having seen Niagara Falls, it's even more amazing (and they've controlled it's flow also, to perserve the falls). Good job!
(I thought I already commented on this, but I can't find it!) What an experience, to lose your home to the river. This story is filled with picturesque images, and I liked the final tribute paid at the end to the river, with the flower. It sounds like a beautiful site, but I'm relieved you don't live there anymore!