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"In so much in the English we feel" was a bit confusing. Maybe a typo?

But all and all, I really liked the message. Especially the way you outlined lust and how we should rely on Jesus to give us the strength to do what's right.

Nice title too.

he is sounding more like Dr. Seuss than the Apostle of God - great line! Never thought of it this way...but certainly true! :-)
I appreciate what youve attempted here it is a good start. The many Bible references were useful I wonder how many readers will actually look them upIn many instances, however, your statements seem to militate against one another.

>>give us the means to persevere and overcome all things: If not in this temporary life, then in the life to come.<<

This somewhat defeatist attitude is counterproductive. You stress the need to persevere and overcome all things, but then relegate it to some vague future time, thus defusing the concept. I believe (as you seem to in other places) that it is not only a good idea, but mandatory, that we deal daily with God in the removal of whatever is blocking us.

It seems like every time you make a strong statement like: We are then to loath sin and embrace Christ you then temper it with something to take the edge off of it. (In this case, it was saying that it is the Holy Spirits job alone to alter our desires, thus taking the responsibility out of our hands.)

Another problem is the assumption that everyone knows what it means to be a fighter against sin, and also what the consequences are for failing in such a struggle. Are you saying to try our best, and whatever we dont conquer will automatically be removed when we throw ourselves at the mercy of the Kings court? If what youre saying goes deeper, then perhaps you should elaborate a bit more.

The closest you seem to come to offering a consequence is here:

>> Unless we see what sins are blocking us from Christ, we will not be able to grow in Him! <<

Again, though, it is kind of vague. What actions must follow seeing the sins? And what does it mean to grow in Christ? I know that might sound like an obvious statement, but its not. To grow in Christ is a pure Christianese phrase, and as such is subject to the personal interpretation of each individual. It would better serve your cause to define specifically what you mean by growing in Christ, especially if failing to grow in Him is being presented as a consequence worthy of consideration.

The final paragraph is strong, and I appreciate your passion...but again, you defuse it at the end with this statement:

>> We cannot struggle in vain to ourselves for what Christ did for free.<<

You establish the necessity to struggle against sin, but then end by saying that rather than struggle, we need to simply look to Jesus. Remember Hebrews 12:4: Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.

All in all, it is a good effort. Thank you for posting.
After such a strong critique, I can't say much, except that your message outlines a continual struggle for us who wish to live by the Word. Sin is not easy to keep out of our lives. Thanks for posting.
You make some valid points. I woud like to see you concentrate on one or two bible quotes and let your creativity shine more. Otherwise the flow is constantly being interupted. Best wishes with your writing.
Good teaching piece, which would make for a good Bible study. Thank you. God bless you.