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I love this. What a great reminder to consider the choices we make in daily life. You caused me to ponder; thanks!
I really liked this. Although I did cringe a few times, when I wondered what "my" DVD would show!
I loved the creativity in using colors to show scenes of her life, rather than actual images. Very unique.

I did notice one area where you had a little problem: "I read a few verse, nodding in agreement with…whatever they said, before my eyes strayed back" Should be verseS and no ellipse is needed. Other than that, this was well written and interesting. :)
Another commenter used the word "cringe" - and that is what I did when the story opened to the combo of Cartoons and Bible reading; however, it turned out beautifully after all; the author also cringed at what he or she had been doing. Nicely written, creative and I really enjoyed the read.