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The Bible says that we are to pray for our leaders. Our pastors work tirelessly and endlessly. We, their flock, must lift them up to the Father everyday. I loved the tone you set with Sister Ada, bedridden but very wise and used of God. Nicely done.
Sometimes it takes someone else to teach us the things we need to know to go on! This was well-written and the characters well-developed for a short piece.
This truly speaks to what many ministry leaders deal with so often. Thank you!
Good job! This story portrays the burden of leadership in a very real way. The sentences flowed well, and the dialouge was crisp. Keep writing!
Being a pastor's wife this article speaks volumes to me. Bless you for showing how the "ministry" side lives.

A great and timely piece. More than ever, in this day, is it evident that spiritual leaders need to look to the Shepherd and carry on. But, may we as a flock, support them as Ada did, in prayer and wise counsel. Wonderful entry- Nancy
You really got to the heart of the pastor and his voice was so tired I wanted to lay down with him! I truly believe that Pastors need a prayer team just for them. I loved the way you showed that God doesn't forget us, sends angels to step in with us when we are weary.
What a great article! I love the fact that when we get discouraged God will send another saint across our paths with a timely word to help us refocus our priorities. Loved the ending. It always gets Christian leaders off course when they aren't following the shepherd of the sheep. The hands that wrate this come from a very gifted and wise person. Thanks.
Great writing, Karen. A joy to read and a wonderful reminder for us to pray for our spiritual leaders to stay strong in their faith and purpose. Congratulations and may God continue to bless you as you honor Him with your writing. Yours in His name, Karen
This is top notch writing! Good job!

Mary N
Ada's words and character absolutely jump off the page in this piece. Great job! You might even want to consider starting your piece with her first dialog and doing a flash back to the start of his morning and reasons for the downheartedness.Excellent piece! Speaks volumes.