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This was very well written, and enjoyable to read. The dialogue between both characters was good.
Thank you for this piece. There was certainly a message in it for me. I was especially impacted by this line: "You dislike that melody, however, and so you consistently choose pieces of music with more, shall I say acceptable, melodies for the festivals. The clash of those melodies with your own is destroying your art." How very true!
Very good in every way. Good dialogue, good build-up of tension as the teacher cajoles the truth out of the student, leading to the climactic revelation about his relationship with his father. A clash of dreams for the boy's future would surely affect his playing, and I liked the way this was explored using the playing of melody lines, to reveal the clash of dreams or 'melodies'. And especially how the melodies were personified, with them feeling anger and fear, etc.

Altogether a clever piece of writing, and I mean that as a compliment!

Geoff Anderson
Isn't it amazing how our moods and attitudes can affect everything else in our lives? I liked this reminder of that fact, and the reminder of how everything is connected.
I love the way that you frequently personified your melody, having it move about the room with varying emotions. Quite effective.
This piece gave me MUCH to think about! What wise words in here - and a wonderfully told story as well! I definitely enjoyed this one!
There are lessons for writing in this story too. What is holding us all back from dancing our words across the page and the heart of our readers. A DAVEY for you!
Wow! I'm glad that I read this. I had missed it before. What a super message, and I agree that it applies to writing as well. I like the way you describe the music as movement and emotion.
I'm here because of your Davey! Thanks for cluing me in. Great write and interesting read. Very creative, well written and Davey well deserved. Kudos.