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This really spoke to me, may we all find the melody within us!
"Every song has a melody, if you just listen."
I love this line!!

I got it! People in glass houses should not throw stones. Every life is of value and carries the melody of God, if someone would listen long enough to hear it-to love them, things would change. Besides what would we do if the situation were visa-versa. I loved the lines:

A house made of glass, a rock in the hand
You cant make the choice unless you understand
Every song has a melody, if you just listen.

Before you throw your stone, remember; Mercy triumphs over judgement and love covers a multitude of sins, allowing us to hear beneath the surface. I loved this. Very thought provoking.
This is rather beautiful. I particularly loved the refrain very powerful. I got a bit confused with Beethoven at the end - didn't quite follow how his cameo fitted with the preceding ones. But I'm probably being obtuse. I really heard this as a song, and I'd love to hear the (pardon the pun) melody.
This does make you stop to listen and think. I agree though, that the comment about Beethoven threw me a little. Still good though. :)
Loved the 3-line chorus, and the unique structure. I would encourage you to spend a bit more time with these entries, and refine them--each one has so much potential. This one, for example, just shines in content, rhyme scheme, message--some closer attention to meter would transform it from pearl to diamond.
Love love LOVE the three line refrain! This definitely blessed me!
The refrain was the best part. That helped tie it all together!
Nice work. A DAVEY for you.
Very nice! Is this a song? I'd love to hear music to these words. Last stanza's my favorite. Blessings. Jo
I finally found your entry....awesome job! I love the line with the glass house.
Congrats on your Davey! Is Stephane Mallarme your Pen Name, or?? Didn't quite understand if this was written by you, or?? But free verse, well done.