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Wow. A truly powerful piece of writing. I like how the reader doesn't know the narrator's name. I think it speaks about how the narrator can be any of us.

Wonderful story.
A beautiful story. Makes a powerful point. I just wish the title were somehow more expressive of the content. Mmaybe something like "His life for Mine" or "A Crucified Slave." Just a minor point and purely a matter of opinion.
Beautiful story!
A powerful story. Great work.
An honest critique would be that the interesting part came too late; the first part being rather blase' and mundane - but then the story of the fire! Then it became a great story, and the ending was super! I might have missed the good part because I had almost turned the page. but just one persons opinion.
Great story.
I really liked this! I think it's a wonderful story. It's a very powerful tale of one man's faith. Your writing left me a lot to think about. Thanks!
Congrats! This is an awesome story, loved your witer's voice!
Very good story. I found it interesting from the very first word.
So well done and gripping! Congratulations on your win!!
This is an incredible story. Very well written and deserving of your win. Congratulations!
A faced paced story that had my attention from the beginning to the end! Great final image. A well deserved win!
Awesome story, April, and a well-deserved win. Your words were written with purpose and forgiveness reminding us why arrogance is not a fruit of the Spirit. God's word is for all and all who believe are brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for blessing us with your entry.