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Wow! This was great - brought tears to my eyes - so believable. Great writing!
Wonderful! It brought tears to my eyes. I still have my little new testament from 40 years ago, given to me by a special teacher. It's a story I 'll write one day...thanks for writing yours. It's an awesome work.
Wow. Outstanding job. You've done a great job of tugging at the heartstrings with vivid description and emotional writing.

One small typo in your first sentence "there is was", I'm guessing should be there "it" was. Still, a wonderful story and very well written.
Nicely done, and it brought back memories of that old shoe box - the one most of us have tucked away somewhere...thanks for sharing. I loved it.
Great phrase--"an object that begs to be remembered."

Really nice story, it brought back lots of memories.
This is really beautiful! What a wonderful story! I was digging in the box right along with you. Excellent writing. It "glows!" :-)
I suspect that this is a real event in your life. It clearly shows a childs heart ache when adults get overly emotional about technical or doctrinal differences of opinion. An important message about what is most important. Thanks.
Great story. Excellent descriptive writing.
I love this writer's style. Your words flow so naturally, each step of your narrator's journey hinting at something more. A reader is helpless to resist, just carried along to the end. I can think of nary a suggestion to offer. Good job. [I still love those little glow-in-the-dark crosses, too!]
A very beautiful story written from a tender and true heart. I enjoyed it very much. It reminded of my Sunday School days. I enjoyed the time I spent reading this. God bless.
My heart resonates with memories after reading this. This reminded me of my childhood: "I was too shy in school, too ugly for boys, and too sad when my parents fought. I needed that new life". I imagine this would evoke the same feelings from other women who thought themselves too shy, too ugly, too sad when they were children.

I could picture in my mind the entire piece from beginning to end. You did a wonderful job! This should place well!
What a beautifully painted story - the details were so vivid and true - I felt transported back with her. Wonderful job!
The vivid imagery in this piece tugged at my heart. I was with you every step of the way. Masterful writing my friend. You really got to me. This is a two kleenex story. God Bless.
Shivers, tears, the true message of the cross, going through that old shoe box...this is perfect from begining to end - a pure delight to read. Oh and one more thing - WOW, Awesome Piece.
You drew me in and held my attention throughout. This is an awesome story with great descriptions.
Just a note to thank you, too, Terri, for your comment on my "cross" entry. I sure appreciate you!