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What I like - Wow...I've been reading awhile and this is my favorite so far! Powerful delivery! You have the "show don't tell" factor down to a fine science.The man's words were so real...especially when you said he spoke with finality. Good sentence there.

What I might change - this is a tough one, cause I don't think anything at all.Except the man's couldn't pronounce it!:)
This is such a heartfelt piece - with a cry we all need to hear. I'm glad to know Umoh and his wife found surrender - true surrender - at last. I'd love to see another chapter in this story. There's so much potential.

Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

I'm still crying...I'm speechless, just know that this is my favorite.
Hope you like masters. Oh, you want a critique? Not from me. No way! Wouldn't touch it. Oh, okay, here's my suggestion. *put my name on it. I want to go to masters!* Wonderful heartfelt writing.
The cross IS the "crux" of the matter, the most important key upon which all our understanding hangs. I relish the insight behind the story, and the story, itself, conveys the message in very readable fashion. Thank you.
A very emotional read, which comes from the pen of, the heart of, and the mind of a very creative and exceptional author. Well done.
Excellent work. I especially liked the clever "misleading," when the wife wonders where her husband is now. I thought he had died and she was wondering about his eternal soul. That made his entrance into the room a pleasant surprise.
Wow - very, very excellent story and writing. The emotions were so true to life and the message wonderful. Congratulations!!!
This is a great story beginning to end! Congratulations on placing 2nd!
This is a great story--truly moving. I readit a few days ago, but was in a hurry and didn't get to leave a comment. Congrats on your well deserved win!
Congratulations on your win. Very creative and well done.