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This is awesome. I truly connected with Judah and his heartbreak between family and conviction.
This is a very unique perspective, and I enjoyed reading it.
WOW! Awesome! How can I stand after reading this? It is so heavy. More please!
This is from a viewpoint I had never considering, but thinking about Jesus' earthly father, it makes an important connection. This is excellently written.
What a unique perspective, unique take on the subject! This was breathtakingly fascinating - and exceptionally well-written. Wonderful!
Great drama! Is this a true story? If not, it seemed so real. One could feel the woman's fear. I have a friend whose husband got saved on his deathbed after a lifetime of denying Christ. He must have been surprised when he arrived at the pearly gates and they laid out the red carpet for him. What a great God we have!
This is such a powerful story. How it must have felt to be the man to make that cross!
I truly enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.

God bless,

A touching story. Very imaginative and well written!
This is excellent. Very powerful and moving. I loved it.
Excellent indeed. I am glad there was no cliched ending. "I swung true" is a great line and a great way to end the story.
I think this is the best "you are there" story I have ever read. Usually I avoid Bible stories retold in fictional narratives, because I think it detracts from the real thing. But these new characters are distanced enough in their involvement with the factual events that they will never conflict with the Biblical account.

The raw emotion you portray is so genuine, everything is so believable, I feel like asking if the Lord gave you a vision! Congratulations on the win, Steve. I always knew we'd see you among the Masters!