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What an awesome testimony. Thanks for sharing your journey of discovery. Well written, too I might add.
I love a story that enlightens me to other religions; giving me an insight into the "How?" and "Why?" one came to be a Christian. This did not disappoint - great job!
Thank you for sharing. Sometimes the answer to our question sits practically under our noses but prejudice sometimes make us search in the wrong places.
I hope this is a true story...God bless
Awesome indeed as believers we all to seldom look at the cross to our own peril
For many years, we prayed for, and worked with, a wonderful Jewish woman in Caracas. It took her a long time to accept Christ as her Messiah and it is all there in the Old Testament. Wonderful word.
Thanks for sharing your story. I'm so glad you took the time to search and read, to learn the truth about our savior. There are so many lies flying about. How great it would be if everyone would dare to venture out & seek truth instead of just believing the lies that are handed to them. God bless you.
I know this feeling well. Thanks for reminding me. Your story was well crafted and a blessing to read. Thank you!
Thank you for sharing your story. Your testimony is beautiful!
This is engrossing reading, which kept this reader glued to the screen. Like Marilyn, I love hearing about other's encounters meeting Jesus. Thank you for your story!
What a marvelous testimony! And how obvious it is that your "assignment" at that Women's Conference wasn't really from the Religion Editor at all. I'd dare say God was pursuing your heart all along! How wonderful that you allowed Him to catch it and haven't turned back since. I, for one, was deeply touched by your entry. Thanks for sharing. :-)
What an absolutely wonderful testimony! Thank you so much for writing this out for us. I loved it.
Marvelous testimony and writing! Praise God for His goodness. He pursues us with such intensity.
Such a testimony!

I felt that peace leave me just as suddenly as it arrived.

I encounted this as well while I was searching. Thank-you for sharing your personal journey with us.
This wonderful testimony brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing this powerful story!
This is awesome! This touched the depth of my soul! Wow! What perfect evidence of the power of God' own Words. Great writing too! ;)
What an awesome testimony! I admire your pursuit to discover truth. You have done a wonderful job of articulating your journey. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.
Very well written. Thank you for sharing this great testimony.
Oh my ... your testimony is so beautiful! I have such a passion to understand the Jewish roots of Christianity and have studied it for years. But to read of your encounter with the Living Messiah, brings tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for opening up and giving us a glimpse of the Holy Spirit as He continues to draw His own to faith in Jesus, our Messiah! Awesome!!!!! :)
An amazing testimony! Well written and needs to be shared! :)
In black and white - good title for a well-written profound testimony. Only comment I have is to write out the numbers (such as ten, etc.).
A great testimony! Very interesting. God bless.
Just goes to show you, God grabs exactly who He wants and it doesn't matter who they are! Terrific testimony. I'm so glad snatching you was part of His plan. :)
Oh, yes, Joanne! What a glorious testimony! So beautifully written! I really enjoy your crisp, clear writing style. May God bless your eloquent pen!
I love the way you wrote this from a Jewish perspective. Beautiful!
Ahhh,this is so beautiful and encouraging. Nothing is impossible with God. Heart and pen as one. Blessings
is this your testimony? If so, that is really powerful! Thank you for sharing.
A very powerful, well written, story and even more so if it is autobiographical! (BTW thanks for commenting on my Silent Stars entry)
I just want to add a note of thanks for your comment on my "cross" entry, as well. I appreciate you!
Joanne, what a wonderful testimony that you shared. Keep telling your story! Be Blessed, Carol Gray
Just as awesome the second time around! It's worth your extra undivided attention to get it published!
Woo hoo. Right there in black and white! What an awesome testimony. He promised if we seek Him we will find Him. I'm so thankful. Welcome home, Joanne.
I so enjoyed reading your testimony, Joanne! A belated "excellent" job as always. It's sooo encouraging to see how God moves on the hearts of Jewish people...The ones I known are more fired-up for Jesus than most Gentiles.
Cool story, Joanne. It really shows how the Holy Spirit drew you in bit by bit, and then brought every thing home with Isa. 53.
whoo! what a witness for God. amen, sister.
God instructs us to love His people Isreal and pray for them. From the time I learned who the Jewish people were I have felt a tremendously strong love in my heart for the chosen of God. It is because of them, that we as gentiles have Him. When I was studying Revelation a few years ago, I learned about the Antichrist and the possibility that because of Jewish beliefs, many of God's chosen were in danger of accepting a false "messiah". This concerned me and scared me. This should be a concern to all believers and a motivation to pray for Isreal as a nation. Your testimony was so moving I had to read it again so that I could tell my friend, Patricia. Her ministry and calling is to witness to Isreal. We are believing for her to be able to go there this year. Thankyou for reminding me of how important the Jewish people are. ove in Christ, Sharon
Amen sister. I needed to hear a commitment of faith from a person who formally followed Judaism. It's hard, at present, for me to understand how the Jewish are God's chosen people...but if they do not accept Christ, they will parish in hell. If you have any comments on this, I'd love to hear it!
Wonderful account of coming to know the Lord. I got right into this. I was once a newspaper reporter and am a believer.
Dear Sister Joanne, God Bless,
This was a great article,
thanks for your great review of my Poem,"The Birth of Life"
and your belief in Jesus.
Isa 28-16 God Speaking:
"Therefore thus saith the
Lord God, Behold I Lay in
Zion (Church) for a foundation a Stone, a tried
Stone (Who else was tried in
Pilots Hall?), a precious
corner stone,a sure
foundation, He that believeth
shall not make haste.
Love and God Bless You,
quickening. Thanks for the
advice, I do need work on
my grammer.
Thank you for sharing your testimony. It is good to know how you came to know the Lord.


I want to say more but...Wow!

I've heard Billy Graham say that if only one person comes to Christ through one of his crusades, that every penny spent on the crusade was worth it. I wonder if the organizers of the women's event that you went to ever found out about the seed they planted in your life.

I'm so glad that you are indeed part of the 'family'.
I was directed to this by a comment you left on one of my pieces. The main reason that I wanted to read it is because my step will be marrying a Jewish gal who we adore and during a phone call a couple nights ago he talked about the questions involved with the convergence of the two religions, he had been doing some reading. I know there are uncertain times ahead of them and if I hear that she is thinking of conversion, I will share this piece with her. Thanks for the thrilling testimony.

God's Word is so complete and encompasses every need for every individual. I pray that the present day Jews will see that their Messiah has already come.

Thank you for sharing your story of faith for those of us who do not have a Jewish culture and heritage to draw upon.

Your testimony is as touching as your life. I'm not sure if I would have stuck around, or felt good about participating here, if it weren't for you. Thanks for reaching out.
praise God! i too am a jewish believer, and was born again in college-i guess the truth kinda gnawed at me for 4-5 yrs also, until on eastere of sunday 2002, i gave in, and accepted Messiah! It has been a blast(though hard at times), but God has taught me so much about the love of His jewish son! always great to meet another jewish sister in Christ!

God bless
Thank you JoAnn for sharing this powerful testimony. His love is amazing and His promises are true. He said seek and you will find, and you did.
I know it was a while ago, but the power of it never fades.
This was a fabulous story Joanne (the writing was good too!), it's wonderful to hear how God reaches each of us. Thank you for sharing it (I know it was awhile ago, but I'm a late bloomer).
Joanne, I'm praising God for your testimony! Our stories are so different, and yet Jesus Christ is still the answer! Your journey to that answer is beautiful and it is a pleasure to now get the priviledge of getting to know you as a Sister in Christ!
As busy as I am, I have only just had the opportunity to stop and read a few articles from other writers. Apologetics is a passion of mine, so this immeditely intrigued me. I'm so happy and blessed to have read your account and I praise God that you are a sister in Christ. Beautiful writing and wonderful testimony.
This gave me goosebumps, Jo. Wow, what a powerful testimony. I'm so thankful for that assignment, and for God leading you to Himself through the Truth of the gospel. YOu're my sister!
This is a great testimony. I wrote my testimony in a poem.I will submit it. Thanks for sharing it!
Hi! I am new to faith writers. I really enjoyed reading your testimony. What a great reminder that if we seek Him we will find Him! Very well written too. Thanks for sharing :)
That is a wonderful and very candid testimony Joanne, and I felt the moving of the Spirit as I read your description of the atmosphere that enveloped the Christian Conference. God is truly amazing in how He leads people to the Truth and ultimately how He lead you to the one passage in the Old Testament that is unfortunately avoided by many Jews today.
I love the warmth, the gentle pace and the honesty of this piece. Beautiful job.
Since my miraculous rebirth six years ago, I love to read personal testimonies. Thank you for yours! The hand of the Holy Spirit is obvious in your uplifting writing. To know something of your background makes your comment to my "I Am Not My Own" All the more special. Abundant blessings upon your family, Sister.
Joanne, what a beautiful testimony. God led you through an assignment to that women's conference. You searched, and made notes on the Old and New Testaments. You became convinced of the truth. Wonderful! I know two women who are friends of Jewish men. I have witnessed to one of these and he does not object. I will share your testimony if he shows interest in coming to the Messiah. I am also interested in finding out all I can about my heritage as a believer through the Jews. Without them we would have no Bible.
Thank you for the tears and look forward to worshipping our Lord and Saviour in Heaven with you.