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Such a bittersweet story told and retold since that horrible day for Him, and that Wondrous day for us and for all mankind...nicely done. It touched my heart, deeply - as does the Cross.
Very nicely done. I like that little glimmer of insight into the earthly father/son relationship.
What a clever idea--to write about the young Jesus with a sliver in his father's shop...very moving.
I loved this piece--very creative about Jesus' thoughts and the piece about Joseph was wonderful. Loved how you wove the different scriptures together so well. Bravo!
Very moving and heart-wrenching. A wonderful look into the humanity, as well as the diety, of our Savior. VERY nicely done!
Nice! Nice! Nice! Full of emotion and imagery and creativity! The breath totally left me when I read about Joseph's comment to the boy Jesus about the sliver! That one little paragraph gave this story its uniqueness and sets it apart from ordinary. Nice! Nice! Nice! :)
I won't soon forget this poignant view of the cross!