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I think I'm confused - why did Annie give him a thumbs-up? I thought she was disenchanted with him. But I like this story (my husband is studying to be a pastor).
WoW! How entertaining! I love this style of writing. Humerous and such insight! I like the, "how someone would look at a walking corpse" LOL I think the crazy ol' woman smiled and gave him the thumbs up because . . . she was crazy!! I wished I had written this. I really liked it. And what a GRAND message!!!!!
THis is highly original and creative - not to mention funny and hard hitting. Excellent stuff!
Your title grabbed me, and your story didn't disappoint. I hope Annie is a real person. She's terrific!
This is awesome! More people need to have an experience with 'Crazy Annie'
On of my favs, but I too am a little surprized at Annie's change of heart. Just maybe we didnt' judge her right, either, eh? Great job here!

You put a lot of detail in 750 words for sure and did it with humor and a truth that should make us all think about how we treat people or react around them. May we be real. Excellent!
Just wonderful! So lighthearted and deep and thought-provoking - all at once!! Great analogy! Love the dialogue too!
Fantastic! I loved this! Had me laughing out loud on several occasions. Your message is "hard-hitting" but so right on!

"Crazy Annie"-I don't think so.
CONGRATULATIONS! Fantastic story! Crazy Annie? Love it!
Absolutely wonderful!!!It's amazing how human we all are :O) You are a great writer and you certainly deserve this win...God Bless, Kaye
SirWilliam, you're leaving us behind in the dust! But, I couldn't be happier to see your name at the top of the heap. Congratulations---please don't forget us when you're famous :)
Woo hoo! I'm laughing out loud. This is a wonderful story and you told it beautifully. Excellent work with a capital E! :-)
Way to go, Bill! Congratulations and keep 'em coming!
Congratulations on both of your well-deserved wins! I really enjoy your sense of humor.
Congratulations, William. I love your sense of humor and the story was refreshing and well-written. I always enjoy reading your work. May God continue to bless your writing as you continue to honor Him. An enjoyable read.
What an intriging story! Isn't it amazing what these God-given minds think up. I'll have to watch my smiles from now on.
Bill, this is awesome! I'm so glad you linked to it, this was a great way to start my day.
Great story, and some meat to chew on. I'm gonna be thinking alot about the uncanny valley today. Thanks!
What a good lesson wrapped up in a very fun story! Thanks for bricking this one--I needed it.
This was fun because I remember a Crazy Annie from my days with an office at the senior center. She always had something fresh to say, usually about my posture and my faith, but when she met my fiance, he pegged her much the same way. This was engaging, you have a gift of bringing characters to life in such a way that they give the reader a gift of remembering the lesson long after the story is closed.