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You do an exceptional job of painting this picture - I really felt like I was right there. Very realistic portrayal - and a great lesson as well!
Realistic descriptions and interesting take on the subject; action packed and dynamic.
Boy does this bring back memories! Whew! Good begining, and you carried well it will all the way through. Had a little trouble with tenses (is, was..etc) but good job.
A lot of energy in this piece of writing. When reading "...a burst of sound" I could almost hear the music. Enjoyed the message that we must face our challenges "head on."
Your story is very visual. It took me right back to my brother's marching band days. Good work.
Great job of description! I felt as if I were there.
Eight years of my life just flashed before my eyes! (I just mentioned marching band in another thread today lol). While we never competed, the shows can be just as nerve wracking. I was right there with you lugging my horn! Great job! (I still haven't decided which was worse -the Aug heat or the end of season cold with the mouth piece frozen to my face)