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You do an exceptional job of "painting" this scene for the reader. I could picture it so well - you have some fantastic images here. I wasn't too crazy about the last sentence (didn't really pull it together for me), but other than that, this was quite wonderful!!
I actually liked that last line. To me it said that today might have more sense, but yesterday had more feeling and you wished for a return to those "feeling" days. Wonderful description.
Lovely article, I love the title a lot it really invited me to wanna read the piece. Good stuff. cheers.
liked the "leaning outhouse lead."

The visual imagery in this story left me feeling nostalgic. Thank you for painting such gentle pictures.

I liked the "smell of shellac" idea, too. It made me remember exactly how the pews at my childhood church tasted. Don't ask me why I ever learned how the pews tasted...

My mind filled in one last phrase at the close of the story. "It has no leaning outhouse. Too bad."

Thanks for the enjoyable read.
Wow--another great read that draws me to another place and time so expertly. It was so weird how I could relate to this story--my dad's cousins went to a New Salem Church that sounded much like this one from the descriptions and the proximity to the river. Thanks for sharing.
Dittos to all above comments. I hope my initial "double take" isn't offensive in any way, but the third line down...:

"Years have beaten the tiny building where I regularly (what!? ...oh, whew!) attended church"

...sent me back to re-read from the beginning. I was still thinking outhouse, while you had already moved to the chapel. (Sorry! I'm so bad! I think it was the word "tiny" that threw me.)