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So valleys aren't bad after all! Great take on the theme. I love taking "tests" so you kept my interest to the end, and the twist at the end was terrific.
AMEN! I gotta say, you had me worried at the beginning - I was hoping that no such magazine truly existed - but you brought it all together nicely in the end. Thanks a ton!

God bless,

LOL! I was chickling all the way through this. My only quibble - the summaries at the end, especially the valley dweller, could be more subtle. Up until then, it could almost have been a real test! Great stuff.
LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! Yes, that's why you are a MASTER! I bow to you in respect!
Creative, humorous and unfortunately - full of truths!! Loved it!
haha, this was great

I especially loved the volunteering question, I kept imagining the powerpoint presentation.
WOW! This has got to be the most creative entry I've ever read!
Too much fun! What a unique approach! I loved the fourth question (and answers!) especially! Loved the ending "disclaimer" - how true is that! VERY creative!
Creativity is oozing! Made me think about the small,ordinary, every-day ways we live our lives for Christ (or not). A nice break from "normal" challenge entries. :-)
I loved this! From one proud valley dweller to (hopefully) another, great job!
This is priceless, and the only time I'm glad to have scored a low point. Very creative approach to the use of the challenge word.