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WOW! A vivid look at the "Shadow of Death Valley, the message woven throughout this stories screams to be heard!! Master writing all the way!!
Such a fresh and vivid picture of our journey. I loved the line

Its a good thing you brought me along then.

Yes and amen to that, and the scripture came to mind how He leaves the ninety-nine to go after the one. he walks through our valleys with us and rescues us at every turn.

Wonderful way to express the topic Valley. You hit the nail on the head. Excellent writing!!!
True, the shadow of death can have a lot of attractions to trap us. Thanks for the reminder.
I like this. Good story, good descriptions, and a good amount of who the friend was. Nicely done.
I like your 'take' on this Psalm. I'd always thought of the valley of death as a place of mourning, extreme testing, or death itself. But this is an equally valid way of considering it. I enjoyed this read. Well done.
Very creative. I enjoyed it. God Bless.
I found this very reminescent of Pilgrim's Progress - a beautiful allegory of the Christian walk. Nicely told and described, and a powerful message to bring on a difficult subject. I was a little thrown by the complacent comment ascribed to the guide - it led me to assume that the guide might not be that reliable! In some ways, I would have liked the guide not to have been Jesus, but also flawed. It would have opened up lots of opportunities for a more complex story ... but one I guess would have fallen foul of the word limit. Great job!
Keep writing like this, and it will soon be time for you to "move on up". ;-)
What vivid, VIVID writing! And I love the characters - you did a superb job of characterization. This is wonderful.
Very cool, I love the blending of the physical and spiritual -well done :)