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Wow. This is a deeply honest piece - and I can only hope and pray that it was written to make a point rather than from experience.
If from experience, please, listen to this old cliche one more time, and trust that God still has a plan. He is truly good enough to bring us through the hardest of times, if only we seek His guidance.

God bless,

As I read your story, it was obvious how lost and alone you truly feel. I immediately wished I could let you feel how much I loved Christ Jesus. If for only a second you could but feel the peace, comfort, joy, love and devotion He has given me in my life. I'll pray that He will touch you in a mighty way and let you feel His true love and internal-peace and I know then you will be at peace. God Bless You.
Poignant, well written, focused and sad. This entry portrays the opposite - no vision. Which is the state of people that pass us everywhere - everyday, and this is their plea.
Great take on "vision". I really enjoyed this.
This is a powerful piece! Very wry in tone, and highly readable. I enjoy your style, and I suspect this is fictional rather than journal-like. Veyr writerly.
You bring your reader right into this person's heart - no pretending! Several quotes stood out, and seemed to punctuate the story:

"Lost is lost."

"I was born terminally honest."

"I’ve squinted as hard as I can. I don’t see what she sees."

You've described "lost" with brutal honesty. Good job.

I personally don't think this is "crap" as you put it. This is "real," and a healty dose of truth - what we all need in order to grow. It's the complete opposite of vision, which brings forth the point even more. Very relatable. Good stuff. Jo