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"I'll SEE what I can do." Hehehe, very clever ending. I like it! Good job.
Oooh, I like it! You gave us just enough, trusted your readers' intelligence, and created two very believable, likeable characters.
Oh, to have a friend like Sarah! "Maybe you should go first to get the ball rolling," a clever one she is. And you portrayed all of the characters so well and so simply. And you educated us a little on diabetes. And you managed to squeeze pizza in. That's always good! LOL Sweet story!
I agree with Sue, we all need a friend like Sarah, but better yet may we be a friend like Sarah to others God puts in our path. She had a plan and instituted it very well. Once again, great dialog. Wonderful story:) Blessings Brenda
"And then...?" Oh, I guess we are to use our imaginations on whether he became a Christian, and if they became a twosome. Right? I will imagine a "bang-up" finish for this entry, but I'd have preferred it came from you! The writer, not the reader. Nice job!
Great charaterization! You siezed my attention and held it and even left room for my imagination to play a part. Great story, wonderful writing!
An enjoyable read and very true to life story. Both characters took a step in a new direction. I like this very much and definitely want to know more.
Great characterization! I really enjoyed this.
Great job. I liked the characters ... I've known a couple of people like Sarah. I also like the open ending.