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...Mother Teresa riding a goat backward through downtown Denver... Wonderful!

I suspect I know this writer, and if I'm right, your usual stuff if not "tripe!" And the aura business...don't know what to think about that, but it sounds like you certainly have it in perspective. So to speak. Thanks for sharing!
Hmm. As a pentacostle beliver I see a lot things other christians would call weird.
This is a subject that rides the edge of accepted expereinces. It would be nice to see some historical as well as some experiencial evidence for this "gift" in your report. You kinda got to the point a little slow in the begining and dropped the ending. But I like your courage at presenting the subject. Thanks.
Honestly - you lost me in the first line. With so many things to read in the world, you have to grab your reader early or they'll skim through or simply leave without hearing what you are trying to share.
I am right there with you AND , thanks to how well-written this was, I knew exactly what you were talking about. Your opinion--maybe. Ohhh but I have a prediction, this will strike a cord with most everyone! I flippantly told my mom and others that I felt my Dad was not going to be around much longer a week before his massive heart attack. He'd had no real medical problems before that. I just had a feeling. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for sharing this superb article on the subject of "visions." You grabbed my attention with the first line and held tight until the end. One of my favorites this week!
Made me feel like we were sitting around the kitchen table having a discussion of auras and visions--very enjoyable essay.
Good thoughts. You've given your reader a bit to chew on. One nit-pick though. Mentioning the challenge is probably not a good idea, even in an essay. You definitely could have made the same points and developed your entry without reference to FW. But that's just me talking from a judges standpoint. Otherwise, the piece is well written and thought-provoking.
Gave me lots to think about - well-crafted! Thanks for spilling your thoughts out for us. :)