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A prose Psalm--very nice! It's as if we're reading David's thoughts while he's right in the midst of his turmoil, and at some point he thinks, "when this is over, I've got to write all this down." And then we get a Psalm! I'm not sure if that made sense, but I loved the Selah at the end, because it reinforced the "Psalm-ness" of this piece.
Wow! A word of encouragement and overcoming grace.

Sleep finally overtakes my heavy eyes. I sense the release of my enemys torment as my dreams carry me gently to dawn. The morning breaks forth with glorious light and the sun bursts with gladness. Suddenly Im aware of a burning deep in my soul.

I could relate to this wonderful Pslam of the heart. Many times I have found myself being pursued by the enemy of my soul. Just yesterday I saw His glorious light dawn on a dream of my heart, waking me to endless potential.

As I read this, I find Him speaking to my dream, to my heart, releasing me to walk out His destiny for me. Thank you for writing this anointed word. My heart is truly blessed.
Yes. Good. I saw it as a psalm too before I read the other comments.
Well done! I knew it was David from the very first paragraph. This should be in the magazine--sort of a condensed version of Psalms.
Powerful! This really does sing out to be published! Encouragement and inspiration wrapped up in a Psalms!!
Wow...really well-written. Every word carried it forward.
Wow, this sure is some awesome writing talent! May the Lord continue to guide your quill as you write to glorify HIM!
WOW! This is exceptional! It won't be long before you're moving up!
Very powerful writing. Having reached the end, I felt called back to the beginning to read over once again. Great work!
A very nice and enjoyable read.
Very well written. A totally enjoyable read.
So lovely. I truly enjoyed the poetry of this prose.
Wow. So many images and words of encouragement wrapped up in an excellent package. Bravo!
Oh wow - and how -so cool (two topics in one :) ) Love it!
Captivating. These words were especially sobering ...

The mountaintop had it been my test and I sorely failed? Have I allowed my heart to give way to sin? How could I have been so blind? How could sin purchase my allegiance so cheaply? Oh my God, how could I have forsaken You?

Keep up the great work!