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I really liked this approach to the story, and the way you suggested reasons behind the differing accounts of identical stories in the gospels. The relationship between the 3 writers is fun to read. There are several edits needed in the early paragraphs, as if this piece were rushed. Unique and entertaining.
I really enjoyed this connection between these three writers, creative take on this weeks topic.
Hehe, very fun conversation. I'm not quite sure they would all be discussing the writing quite that way since it was inspired by God (though I might be wrong), but it still gives a good example of why the accounts are different. I loved the part about two men being healed, but only one being saved.
LOL. I really enjoyed this, especially the argy-bargy(do you know that expression?)about how many beggars, and whether it mattered. Great piece - shame about the few little typos towards the beginning.
LOL. I loved this! How did you put this together so quickly! I'm so impressed (and a little envious). Great dialouge. You'd be an awesome playright.
I agree, this would be an excellent play. You carried this conversation off with great dialog and an undercurrent of playful rivalry. Simply delightful and absolutely creative. Wow! I really liked this alot. Such a creative thought process. Blessings
Very clever. I enjoyed it, although I must agree that it sort of takes away from the idea that the Bible is God-breathed...but it is an interesting way to tell the story.
I'm not sure about the few comments that infer this creative retelling somehow detracts from the Gospel being God-Inspired. It says Matthew was commissioned, I assumed this meant by God. Clearly, when Mark and Luke wrote their accounts they were inspired as well. I do agree with the comment that says this was an interesting and fun way to point a difference in the biblical retelling of Bartimeaus!!!
Great!!! I can just see them sitting around fussing at each other like that. Loved it
Haha...A very comical and unique approach to the writing of the Gospels.
Soooo creative! :) And, to have posted it first??? Awesome! You are a wonderfully gifted writer!
Hi Sue, what a fascinating way of treating the so-called "synoptic problem"! Much more fun than worrying about which Writer drew upon which other sources, and whether there really was a Q document ... etc etc. Your account was actually readable! (And fun!) By the way, I couldn't agree more, your story in no way suggests that the Scripture's were not entirely God-breathed. The standard understanding of the inspiration of the Scriptures is that they were one hundred percent God's work, while not being dictated, but written through the human agents. The writers' personalities, historical circumstances, and issues determined what they wrote ... God was in control of those things too! So, good work!
Just LOVED the banter between the three writers! This was absolutely DELIGHTFUL to read, Sue! Great way of "working out" the differences in the gospels!
Funny! I liked it.
Sometimes we forget that our "Apostles" were also men who laughed, argued, cried, and acted like children.
Thanks for your unique angle on this!

Bravo. Very creative, though I know you don't like that term. But, I feel here at FW we have the freedom to experiment, to press the bounaries some. This is well written and reserched and at the heart of the story, Jesus heals blindness, restores vision. Good job. God bless.