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I enjoyed your article. As a mom of two young teens, I, too, have enlisted the help of this silent partner. He is a gentleman. Gentleman know how to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done without intruding.

I particularly liked the line, "The wiser you become, the more you realize what you don't know". This was very good.
This is delightful. I love the silent partner. very good job.
You know I think this is great, but I wanted to tell you again publically. I'm so thankful for our silent partner!
Umm...that would be "publicly"...I was a bit distracted by my not-so-silent, four-year-old partner!
This was fantastic, and proves that one does not need to write many words to give such a clear message.
Very good. There is good advice for the wife and husband in this.
Well written.
Thank you!
What a great little insight piece to pass on to parents. The words just flowed so quickly with no words wasted. Just a great read and I think hit on this topic perfectly!
Beautifully written article. When we rely on our Silent Partner, he gives us wisdom beyond what is envisaged and although like your mom, we may appear simple, we astonish not only our children but others as well with how God works in us.
What a wonderful reminder and encouragement to all parents! This is beautifully written.
Wonderful. I love the style. short and and to the point.
Excellent entry.


Wow Cheri Hardaway - You humbly did not mention first place!!!! Hooray! Looks like you move on up to advanced. How cool we both get published on the same challenge. Thank you Jesus!
Beautiful, Cheri. A well-deserved win, and a word of wisdom and encouragement for Christian parents. We CANNOT do it alone! Congratulations!
oops- my last comment was supposed to be a private message.
Cheri, congratulations on this excellent win. Both 1st place in the Level 2 Champion Challenge, and 1st Place in the Editors' Choice Awards. Well done! So you know what this means don't you? Starting next quarter, it's time for you to move up to Level 3. You are most definitely ready for it. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)