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This is a wonderful read and you have taken us with you on your journey.
My favourite line...
"I wish I had known what I discovered on the day I retired, on the day I started work … "
Thanks for sharing.
This is SO true - and so well-presented. I thoroughly enjoyed the reflectiveness of this piece. Wonderful job!
Too bad he didn't find his "new identity" much sooner.
This article touched me deeply - as I know that day will come when my husband asks those same questions. His job is who he is, and we have a daughter as well who married and moved away. So I could relate to this. I loved how you wrote. I only have one suggestion that when you talked about the last day at work, you said I 'had'left...and there was a 'had' in the sentence. Try reading it without those words and it still makes sence and sounds better. So- was this true? Is this person at the other end and doing ok?:)
So . . . you finished those book shelves yet? Looks like you and Helen will be needing them. Congratulations . . . again!!!
I must really like you paynters. My goodness, when I was reading this piece last week, I had to stop because I was crying. It is such a wonderful message on the topic of work and you hit the nail on the head. You should try to submit this piece somewhere. I think it would do very well as a testimony/inspirational/devo piece. Great work.