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OK - that is TOTALLY wild! What an experience! A great retelling of it, too - I was definitely interested from the first word to the last. And I ADORED your thankfuls!
Overall, a very exciting, real and entertaining read that sucessfully ministered its point. It just, took a while, to get, to the, exciting part. But once there, it was worth the build-up. A very accurate decription of jail life at night. There is nothing that gets your attention more than quiet/silence. "The office seemed eerily quiet."(my fav. line).
Now just being picky, I might have used a shortened version of the lead as a footnote, and placed the reasons why the "star" was in the jail, in the story, with a new lead maybe decribing the calm before the storm, or the appraoch of an oncoming, memorable storm/disturbance. And maybe used one less paragraph atleast to describe jail "background" before getting to the story. But, thats just one opinion. As far as testifying how "nights" like this at work can challenge your faith, excellent. You ministered your point well!!
It was also good the way you interjected how you/the officer felt as the events transpired. A very, very good story!!! I enjoyed it.
God Bless and be thankful your not working in corrections these
Whoa...I do not want to have your job! Great retelling! Tahnks for sharing.
This is a hoot and a testimony that money sure cannot buy happiness. What a crazy job you have - thanks for sharing.
Great story! I wouldn't want that job!!
My first reaction: What a thankless job!
This started out in the spirit of a "Dragnet" story, in my mind. I got a big kick out of your expose of city night-life from the perspective of one of our ministering angels in uniform, trying to keep the peace for the rest of us. Thank you for this gripping story, for your service on our behalf, and for finding something to give thanks for, even with such a "thankless" job!
wow, great story had my attention all the way!
I wanted to leave a comment on this story eariler, but I forgot. I judged the week this story was entered and i loved it. I thought the way you wrote was so entertaining. I felt like I was watching a 1950 murder mystery show. I could see the fog, smell the mildew of the cell, only one thing tripped this story up for me. I felt your ending was rushed and kinda was thrown together. The rest of your story was very well thought out and put together in a very well constructed matter, but the ending lost points with me. It still ranked very high in my ratings, which is why I wanted to encourage you. Your creativity with this piece was a nice break in between the hours of reading. Great work and I've added you to me "Author's Tracker" list.
Wow! That is quite a story! Just goes to prove that things are not always as they appear. Work, indeed!