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You had some great imagry. Quite powerful. I think you almost have too much though to be digested by the reader. Maybe a little simplication would help the reader. It's obviously something you care greatly about.
What a wonderful sister you had. The message came across very clearly in that legacy left in sisterly love.
You have some vivid descriptions and a powerful message. This seems to be your central message:

"the great value of reflecting Jesus to everyone the Lord placed in our lives"

But it almost gets lost because you are trying to say so much.

I love that you turn it around at the end to show God loves even the rich as much as he loves the destitute - it goes both ways doesn't it? Most people never give that a thought. Nice entry!
WOW! What else can I say? Great use of words and imagery. I think your narrative (letter?) is very scholarly and would be a nice addition to a magazine. Ever thought about Christmas at Guideposts? Remember, they usually only take seasonal articles six months in advance. This was so beautiful! In His Grip ...
I really enjoyed the thoughts and feelings of this article. Very touching. Clever name! It feels like you have allot to say to your sister that this short article can't do justice to. I would recomend turning this wonderful piece into a longer memior, and then trying to get it published as was already recomended! -God bless you and yours!
In trying to read as many entries as I can, I almost missed this one as I saw it already had plenty of commnents. I am so glad I didn't; the message your sister impacted is of such magnitude. You told it with eloquency and love.
What a lovely way to honour your sister ... and what a sister! I too found interesting and helpful the twist at the end about God loving the rich too ... thought provoking.
Wonderful story. What a blessing to have such a sister.
Nicely done. Seems like it belongs in 'Advanced' to me! You express yourself very well.