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Oh, how poignant and moving! One's heart breaks for Joanna. I've known people like this who have a had time with the concept of God-as-Father...I'm glad that Joanna has found the grace of God.
Such sad snapshots of life. I feel so sorry for Joanna. I wouldn't want my scrapbook of life to be full of memories like that.
You did a great job of portraying sad emotions.
VERY sad, you are right - but isn't life like this sometimes? (I still wanted a happy ending, even after your warning, but I'm an incurable optimist!) Very powerfully written.
When involves the heart it is often difficult to turn away from abusive relationships. I'm glad she finally found the strength.
This is great writing. In a short amount of space you've done an excellent job of showing different stages of life, though they're all connected (sadly).

I would think about cutting out the italicized summary towards the end. Your "snapshots" do an ample and effective job of summarizing the same information. They show us, while the italics tell us.

Great job. I expect to see this placing tomorrow. Well done.
This is dynamite writing, Jen. You've portrayed a hatefully tortured, ungoverned soul from the perspective of the daughter. What a miserable legacy this father is leaving for his children. Who (whether the children or the man, himself) could bear living with such venom for so many years? I bet you could write a blockbuster novel, having glimpsed your ability at characterizations, here!